Westwind Gardens (PlanetWise Plants)

Westwind Gardens was founded by Liz and Phil Smith in Forest Grove, Oregon in 1992.  At first we had one greenhouse, a little blue rectangle of a home, a falling down shed, and a dream of making a living off of our very own 5.13 acres.  We began by growing organic vegetable starts in our recycled greenhouse structure and selling them at a local farmer’s market. In the summer months we then sold produce from our field at the market, and eventually to restaurants and food stores in the Portland metro area.  As the years have gone by, our business has evolved into eighteen greenhouses for garden plant production with a few acres left for field growing of our favorite vegetable, Chiles; which we roast and sell at farmers’ markets late summer through fall.  The greenhouses allow us to produce a wide variety of certified organic herb and vegetable starts, along with a range of sustainably grown flowering bedding plants.  We call our products “PlanetWise Plants”, reflecting the development and refinement of our wholesome organic growing practices and environmentally friendly flowers.

The Westwind Gardens Team