Erysimum Sugar Rush


Sugar Rush

Multi-branching with a great habit and dense flower spikes. The color, the fragrance – the humble British wallflower is a vital part of our spring; in fact no other country has such an attachment to wallflowers, we grow far more than anyone else. In the British-bred ‘Sugar Rush’, there is no need to cold snap to initiate flowering so plants will flower in the autumn, sometimes lasting till Christmas. Pinch off the dead flowers and they then take a break before flowering again in spring. ‘Sugar Rush’ comes in a mixture of four colors – rich red, gold, primrose and purple – and the plants are relatively short, too, unlike many traditional types which can grow so tall that they fall over in full flower. The ‘Sugar Rush’ mixture also features that lovely fresh wallflower fragrance.

Blooms June through October, 60-80 days to maturity, full sun.