Vinca Blackberry

Vinca Blackberry



AAS Award winner! Hybrid. These velvety blooms sport shades of purple so dark they look black in some settings. Blackberry is an exceptionally vigorous and attractive Vinca. The dark hues stand out brilliantly against tiny white eyes on these 2-inch blooms, which begin in early summer and continue until frost. The foliage is bright green, lush, and glossy, it offers the perfect backdrop for the charcoal hues. Blackberry is heat tolerant and drought tolerant, both the flowers and the foliage remains fresh and vibrant even during the dog days of August. This plant is compact but well-branched and bushy, reaching 10 to 14 inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide. An annual, it is ideal for sunny to partly shaded (in warmer climates) beds as well as containers. Very low-maintenance and easy to care for, it blooms in waves for many months.

Blooms March through July

Grows in full sun
Container sizes:
3.5″ Square – 12 per flat